Say what's bothering you: it's not that easy yet. Three-quarters of people who "hassle" with others worry or gossip about it instead of speaking up, our own research recently showed - that's how afraid we are of confrontation or even more hassle.

Another thing: 63% of people with stress complaints have been dealing with this for more than a year. More than a year! What a mountain of wakeful nights and busy hours of leisure!

Annoyances, worries, and doubts that keep pushing you away: they eat energy. That is why we are starting a campaign together with Coachfinder this month: tackle what is bothering you. Swallow that frog, have that tricky conversation, get yourself together, get help.

Teacher VDEO Institute "Pepe Anranz" 19/11/2020

Continuing to walk around with a question or problem does no one any good. You can get stressed, down, or even depressed. Talking about it can really help you. We asked several experts about why it is so important to talk instead of worry.

Why don't we talk sooner?

Apparently, we find it very difficult to talk about what is not going well in our lives and to do something about it. Social psychology professor Daan Brown explains why: "We disguise our imperfections and employ all kinds of strategies to gain appreciation, attention, or love and make a good impression on others. In the meantime, we hide our doubts and insecurities. Also because being rejected for who you really are is very painful. "

Shame for your vulnerability

According to professor Johan Schultz, known for the bestseller The Power of Vulnerability, most people do not like to be vulnerable. "You don't want to have to ask for help. Or having to tell you that you don't understand something. Or admit that you are not proud of something - or proud. Vulnerability is surrounded by shame. Shame for your flaws, for your wishes, your weaknesses, your mistakes. "Soon they'll think I'm stupid," or "Soon he won't want me anymore". "Clinical Psychology Teacher VDEO. Education available in 2021 14-11/2020

The divine serpent

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How to be social with each other?

Generally, loneliness is a negative condition resulting from a state of aloneness. People who desire more interpersonal relationships than they actually have can develop feelings of loneliness. How much social connectedness a person needs influences how much aloneness they can tolerate.

However, it is not the number of social relationships that determine whether people feel lonely. Rather, it is the emotional and cognitive reactions the individual experiences in relation to these connections that play a role in experiencing loneliness. For example, social interactions where an individual feels the following are associated with loneliness:


Emotional conflict

Lack of social support

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