Benefit VDEO Homestudy

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Benefit for studying at home

Doing a home study at the VDEO has many advantages.

- Highest and guaranteed quality
- Worldwide professional recognition from the SSMHG Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group
- Full written training (so no travel costs and travel time)
- No hidden costs during or after your studies
- Payment in one payment or in installments possible
- No registration costs
- You can determine your own study pace and determine the moment when studying is best for you.
- Modern and current environmentally friendly teaching materials
- Free advice from your teacher or tutor
- Free homework for correction submitted via the internet.
- Open homework questions
- Up to 36 months after the end of the study period, free right to homework correction or to take an exam
- Receive a study statement for free after submitting the homework
- Free choice to take a home test
- Receive the institute diploma after passing the exam
- Stay informed of new developments via the newsletter
-SSMHG only gives full courses, not partial courses, so you can be sure to learn all about the subject.
-In addition to your job and/or children, the courses are easy to follow.

Learners design and justify big-scale positive interventions to enhance specific aspects of their personal wellbeing based on the skills acquired in each course of the specialization. Personal reflections are implemented to provide learners with the skills to impact their personal and professional lives.

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