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About VDEO

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Welcome to VDEO. With us, you benefit from more than 12 years of international experience in the field of doctor's studies. We use the knowledge and experience that we have gained over this long period to develop our high-quality courses that always perfectly match the latest labor market trends.

Recognized tailor-made home studies: digital (start within 1 minute) plus possibly on paper, to be concluded at home with an Open book exam. Get your coveted diploma!

Study at your own pace: wherever and whenever you want. At home, on the road, in the evening, on a day off, or at the weekend: everything is possible. Step-by-step method: clear examples, practical summaries, clear diagrams, and effective test methods ensure that you can go through the subject matter at lightning speed.

Supervision by top teachers: carefully selected subject experts with years of experience in education or business.

In October of 2000, a single question was asked: "What do you want to learn? 'From there, a vision was born of comprehensive, high quality, and affordable online education availability. The name behind that vision was Vlok Doctor Education Online "VDEO". When it comes to online schools, there are plenty, but at VDEO we distinguish ourselves amongst the competition with our dedication to your long-term goals. If you are entering a job market for the first time or seeking a new career, we will provide you with fast and efficient online support your needs to make your dreams a reality. Our expertly designed education, detailed lesson plans, and student testimonials all attest to the fact that we take great pride in our education online offerings and provide only the best for our students. Whether you are studying retail banking, dog grooming, or even our academy. VDEO has the tools you need to advance as a professional in your chosen profession.

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VDEO Online following

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Why not learn psychology with our online education designed to give students the most flexibility and independence?

VDEO is a comprehensive class providing an up-to-date presentation of psychology. It's an excellent resource for any age student curious to learn about the extensive amounts of knowledge explaining human behavior.
This user-friendly education will cover topics that will help your understanding of behavior and you'll learn the many theories that explain the complexities of human interactions. You'll find topics that dissect the brain to understand the thinking process; topics on the theorists and contributions of Pavlov, Skinner, and Thorndike; topics on the influence of personality theorized by Freud; topics on the world of social psychology, and much more.

If you're pursuing any of the numerous career options involving the vast field of psychology or you're a non-academic hobbyist and life-long learner, this online education will provide a solid introduction.
The field of human psychology is a powerful force in modern society, and its influence is widespread, in language, law, the social contract, and in our perception of ourselves.

As a primary goal, psychology is intended to understand human behavior. As a secondary goal, psychology is focused upon treatment methodologies for behaviors deemed abnormal.
From gaining insight into one's stream of the unconscious to studying and treating serious conditions, psychology addresses all forms of mental processes from the merely disruptive to the gravely severe.
Generally speaking, multifaceted, psychology encapsulates a broad array of areas. One of the common ways of subdividing the science is to separate it into what is referred to as applied (employed in practical use) and experimental (under scientific investigation) areas.

Within the two subdivisions (applied and experimental areas) of psychology, there exists a host of specialized fields:

  • Child Psychology now available
    Clinical Psychology (Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders) available 2021
    Social Psychology new and now available
    Ayurveda Doctor Medicine Level 1 Level 2 Available
    EFT Therapist Available

Regardless of the specific field, the central issues on which psychologists tend to focus remain the same. Included within this grouping are:

  • Cognition

Nature versus Nurture (Extent to which individuals are shaped by genetics or by the environment)
While much of the psychology of today is based upon an amalgamation of centuries of study and research, there still remains a great deal of growth within the discipline.
Examples of some of the areas in which advancements with psychology have occurred recently: imaging technology with an increased emphasis on the interface between the brain and behavior,
understanding of infants' cognitive abilities (for example to recognize numerals), researched-based changes made to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the definitive guide to categorizing mental disorders, and the criteria for diagnosing them.

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